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PR-600D / PR-600A / PR-600DA / PR-600DDA

Heavy Duty Models

  • Sanding belt quick change device

  • Conveyor belt tracking control

  • Insufficient pressure protection

  • Panel cleaning brush roller


Sanding belt quick change device

01.Sanding belt quick change device

The sanding belt is changed quickly for time saving and convenience.

Conveyor belt tracking control

02.Conveyor belt tracking control

The conveyor belt tracking is pneumatically controlled to effectively prevent out-of-track.

Insufficient pressure protection

03.Insufficient pressure protection

In case insufficient working air pressure occurs, the machine brakes automatically for safety guard.

Panel cleaning brush roller

04.Panel cleaning brush roller

Built at outfeed end of the machine, this panel cleaning brush roller clean powder on the sanded panel.

Variable speed unit.

05.Variable speed unit.

The conveyor belt speed is controlled by a variable speed unit. Feed speed can be varied as desired to suit all types of workpiece material, assuring superior sanding quality.

Feed controlled by frequency inverter (optional)

06.Feed controlled by frequency inverter (optional)

Used for adjusting the sanding belt speed. (use together with hollow shaft speed reducer)

Micro-computer control with digital readout

07. Micro-computer control with digital readout

Outstanding standard features

● Rugged Construction
The main frame is fabricated of heavy duty-steel plate and ribbed to minimize vibration and deflection.
● Convenient Controls
All operating controllers are centralized in a convenient control panel. Large, clearly identified and color coded push buttons simplify set up and start-up.

● Load Meter
Maintains constant check during operation to indicate percentage of full load on motor. Conveniently mounted for immediate readout.
● Emergency Stop Button

Large mushroom push button on control panel provides immediate stop control of all operating systems.

● Main Motor Drive

Heavy-duty rugged support of sanding head drive motor. Horsepower of motor directly related to size and performance requirements of specific unit ordered.

● Heavy-Duty Rubber Covered Contact Drum

Carefully designed and balanced to insure precise, chatter-free sanding. Covered with proper durometer rubber for each application.

● Spring Loaded Hold-Down Rolls

Spring loaded hold-down rolls. Spring loaded pinch rolls are mounted at the infeed and outfeed of the machine to insure positive feeding.

● Hold-down plate

The hold-down plate is hard chrome treated for maximum wear resistance.

● Variable Feed Speed

Sanders have variable feed speed as standard equipment.

● Automatic elevation of conveyor table (Micro-computer controlled with digital readout)

It accurately display the position of the conveyor table.

● Iron Contact Roller (optional)

The iron contact roller is manufactured from special steel, heat treated for minimum wear and long service life. It is ideal for sizing and heavy sanding applications.

● Air pad (optional):

1. in conjunction with the use of a frequency invertor, the machine can perform lacquered panel sanding operations.

2. suited for sanding veneer laminated panel.

(1) drum only. (2) platen only. (3) drum and platen in tandem.

● Sanding head configuration

There are three types of sanding heads:

(1) contact drum for sizing and intermediated finishing.

(2) platen head for versatile sanding.

(3) combination contact drum / platen head. Sanders can be furnished with one head or multi-head configurations. The most popular are r, k,rk, rr, kk, rrk, rkk model, but for higher production

Applications the multi-head are suggested.


-- Specific head combination is available upon request.


Heavy Duty Models


Heavy Duty Models


The powerful sanding performer maximizes your production rate.


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